Please Contact USF&WS Regarding How to Comment on Wolf Delisting in Wisconsin…

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

The news is coming out that USF&WS is planning a public comment period soon. In this blog are email and phone contact for USF&WS offices and personal. Please contact them and ask them for more information on when and where to comment. Wisconsin’s wild wolf needs your voices before it’s too late. Help him survive…

Read Our latest blog HERE on wolf delisting.

If USF&WS, the government, gets it right this time in delisting the Gray wolf in the Great Lakes Region Wisconsin citizens must push for greater transparency in wolf management. Because trophy hunts are about power not conservation. We owe the Gray wolf, that was exterminated from our forest and now making a comeback, an ethical & compassionate conservation management plan, because we have done enough harm to this iconic predator.

Wolves are a part of Wisconsin’s wild legacy. Trophy hunts are about power not conservation. Protect Wisconsin’s…

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