Urgent: House Appropriations to Vote on BLM Anti-Wild Equine Budget this Wednesday

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Call to action:

The House Appropriations Committee has scheduled its “mark up” on the spending bill for the Interior Department, including the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program, this Wednesday, June 6 starting at 10 am Eastern.  

by Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

We just learned that Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) will introduce an amendment recommending permanent sterilization of wild equines on the range.  While not the same as the mass killing program that the horse-haters previously advocated, this would lead to the slow death of Amrica’s free-roaming herds.  It would also subject thousands of wild mares and burro jennets to a brutally unsafe sterilization technique, ovariectomy by colpotomy.

If you haven’t yet contacted your representative and reached out to members of the House Appropriations committee, please contact those you can today.  Urge them in your own words to:
 Oppose any amendment…

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