BLM to start “emergency” removal of wild horses in Pancake HMA, while privately owned livestock slurp up the resources

Caution: disturbing content

Straight from the Horse's Heart

THERE WOULD LIKELY BE WATER FOR WILD HORSES ON THIS HMA IF PRIVATELY OWNED LIVESTOCK WEREN’T USING IT UP.  In the BLM Press release below, the BLM states “With a current population of approximately 2,160 wild horses, valuable resources have been depleted, affecting the health of those animals.”  So, before reading the BLM’s press release below, keep in mind that the BLM authorizes the following privately owned livestock grazing on 100% public lands in the Pancake HMA (these aren’t all of the active grazing allotments on this HMA, we’re just giving you the gist of it.  The information below is from the BLM’s Rangeland Administration System):

Duckwater Allotment                                                                                  …

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