Iceland’s Whooper Swans~

Cindy Knoke

Whooper Swans are the Eurasian cousin of North American Trumpeter swans.

They breed all over Iceland, and some overwinter in the thermally heated parts of Lake Myvatn. Interestingly, their North American Trumpeter Swan cousins do the same thing, spending winter in the thermally heated parts of the Yellowstone River.

These beauties are aptly named as they certainly seem to enjoy trumpeting!

Whooper Swans mate for life,

and their cygnets, and grown offspring, often overwinter with them.

Cheers to you from Iceland’s beautiful swans~

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2 thoughts on “Iceland’s Whooper Swans~

  1. There is something really wrong with us humans, isn’t there.
    As a human species, so many of us, lack core empathy for our own species, and for all species, great and small.
    It is strange to me, and awful, that humans kill off entire species and ecosystems, not understanding that we are just another animal, killing our own ecosystem, hence ourselves.
    We are just dumber, than most species.


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