Dutch Winterswijk Triassic fossils, new study

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This May 2018 video is called Dutch Minerals and [Triassic] Fossils / Winterswijk.

I myself was at this quarry. Unfortunately, only the path at the top is accessible for the public. So, I saw only a willom warbler, not the nesting eagle owls and Triassic fossils below.

From the University of Bonn in Germany:

Fossil deposit is much richer than expected

Paleontologist analyses finds from the Dutch town of Winterswijk

January 14, 2019

It has long been known that a quarry near the Dutch town of Winterswijk is an Eldorado for fossil lovers. But even connoisseurs will be surprised just how outstanding the site actually is. A student at the University of Bonn, himself a Dutchman and passionate fossil collector, has now analyzed pieces from museums and private collections for his master’s thesis. He found an amazing amount of almost completely preserved skeletons, all between 242 and 247…

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