Group Hoping To Get Wolf Reintroduction Measure On 2020 Ballot

Exposing the Big Game

JACKSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A recent sighting of a possibly Gray Wolf in Jackson County has stirred up an old debate about reintroducing wolves to Colorado. Members of The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund are currently gathering signatures to get a measure on the 2020 ballot to do that.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

“We believe that the right thing to do is give the people of Colorado a voice in restoring the balance,” said Rob Edward, President of the Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund.

Rob Edward (credit: CBS)

Edward says Colorado has the largest elk population in North America and one of the largest deer populations. He adds that without wolves, the two go unchecked and can cause destruction in places like Rocky Mountain National Park.

“The elk have stripped the river corridors bare. They’re putting fences around…

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4 thoughts on “Group Hoping To Get Wolf Reintroduction Measure On 2020 Ballot

  1. The wolf is back to our country after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the opening of border. However, there is also great resistance against this by-law-protected species. Not an easy matter in a densely populated country and with complaining German shepherds.


      1. The wolves are killing regularly sheeps guarded and owned by a shepherd. I do not know any other English word for that. The same applies for the hunter lobby. Usually shepherds get a compensation in such case but it is of course annoying and also economically harmful for their usual work.


  2. Many humans simply cannot accept Nature. Our species seems bent upon destroying anything wild. Wolves represent Wild Nature, along with Coyotes, and other remaining wild species, but time is not on their side these days. Not only are there too many humans, doing too many horrible, cruel, ignorant things to this planet, but Climate Changes are not a major player in all our efforts to save what is left.

    If sheep ranchers care that much about their sheep–why do they send them to market for slaughter? It is time for sheep and cattle ranchers to find another business. Many other people have had to do this–why not these people? Here in the Western U.S., spoiled ranchers get subsidies to graze on public lands, while demanding wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and other native wildlife are slaughtered for them. This must stop. Get another way to make a living–stop your killing–


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