Here’s How North Carolina’s Wild Horses Have Survived Hurricanes

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Kareena Koirala as published on

Hurricane Dorian struck with tragic devastation. However, the majestic breed of wild horses living in North Carolina’s Outer Banks used their natural defenses against the storm.

According to Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which looks after the herd of wild horses in the area, the animals are more adept at dealing with the hurricane than human beings.

“They’ll likely ride out winds and rain as their ancestors did before them — in huddles, butts to the wind,” said the organization.

It also stated that the wild horses have a trick that they have been carrying out for over 500 years to protect themselves against such disasters.

The herd moves to the higher grounds and gather under strong oak trees to survive the storm.

According to the authorities, the animals sensed the danger in days prior to the storm due to a change…

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