Australian birds from different species help each other

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This video says about itself:

Amazing footage of Western Australia’s Splendid Fairy-wren

15 October 2012

This amazing footage of singing and dancing Splendid Fairy-wrens was taken by Birds in Backyards ambassador Angus Stewart during a spring 2012 visit to Western Australia. Be an Aussie Bird friend by registering for free membership at

From the University of Chicago Medical Center in the USA:

Birds from different species recognize each other and cooperate

Researchers show for the first time how birds from two different species recognize individuals and cooperate for mutual benefit

May 21, 2018

Summary: Scientists show how two different species of Australian fairy-wrens not only recognize individual birds from other species, but also form long-term partnerships that help them forage and defend their shared space as a group.

Cooperation among different species of birds is common. Some birds build their nests near those of larger, more aggressive species

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